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We are a stand-alone siding custom remodeling firm,Siding Installation Guys,800-364-7089. We offer homeowners like you the most sought after siding instillations, products, and services.

Why a separate division for siding?

...Because the installation products (according to fiber-cement best practices) is specialized, requiring specific product knowledge and proper tools!

A typical installation with Siding Installation Guys only takes about a week, then its for that knock-your-socks-off gratification! If there is one thing you can do to give your home an 'instant' face lift (that lasts for decades with minimal maintenance) then fiber cement siding is a super brilliant choice.

Siding Installation Guys Siding Installers will get in, get out, and leave your home looking like a million bucks. And because we are Siding Installation Guys, we can offer more custom service features than a 'blow and go' installation firm. We want your complete satisfaction.

Want More Than Just Exterior Siding?

If you are planning to install new windows, doors, decking, or a little (or big) remodel as well then our company Siding Installation Guys. Can do just that as seamlessly as ever. On the other hand, if you already have a designer or contractor to perform the rest of your work, then Siding Installation Guys Siding Co. is thrilled to install your siding as part of the team. In fact, we're great at collaboration. We live for opportunities to become valued contributors of your home improvement team.

We are happy to work with your landscaper or recommend an excellent professional who can help you protect your plants and garden during your installation. You can enjoy immediate satisfaction in a short period of time.

A Short Introduction (...really short)

Siding refers to the protective (exterior) skin of your home. Some native tribes used grass mixed with mud, ancient Romans liked Marble, and certainly brick has always been useful.

Then there's a short list which includes stucco, wood, tile, metal and of course fiber cement. They are all beautiful, each adding unique characteristics to your design goals.

Still, protection alone isn't everything; it needs to have a compelling aesthetic component if it is going to give you years of happiness and satisfaction.

Our favorite to work with is James Hardie, fiber cement because of it's high visual appeal and low maintenance costs. We know that you will be thrilled with the results and, well... we just can't get enough of those happy smiles!

Artisan Siding

Introducing a gentrified fiber-cement we call Artisan. In short, it's amazing siding! Do you see how the corners (right) are joined together? That's called a Mitered Corner. Mitered corners are one of the tell-tails of quality and craftsmanship. It's one of the ways a discerning eye recognizes excellence. Another way we identify quality is by the 'beefyness' of the materials used.

Artisan Has Options

The Artisan product comes in several thicknesses and profiles. And, of course, it has the same astonishing sustainable benefits.

Key features

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  • img Wide range of materials
  • img Affordable prices
  • img Repair and installation
  • img Fast delivery